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Help & Info about SpyBot Search & Destroy for windows

  • What is SpyBot Search Destroy?

    SpyBot Search Destroy is a user-friendly application, which has been specifically designed to detect and remove spyware, adware and other malicious threats from computer systems and storage devices. The software is developed by Safer-Networking Ltd. and is available for the Windows operating system.
  • Is SpyBot Search Destroy free?

    The software is provided under a freeware license, meaning there is no monetary cost for users, and there are no restrictions on how long it can be used for. Nevertheless, there is also a paid version of the software package, which offers a number of additional features.
  • Is SpyBot safe to use?

    It is completely safe to download and use the SpyBot Search Destroy application. Doing so will make a computer system safer too, by protecting it against spyware, adware and similar threats.
  • Which features are missing from the free version?

    The free version of SpyBot offers the same core spyware protection as the paid version, however it is missing certain additional features. These include built-in virus protection, a secure file shredder and priority email support. The free version is also intended for personal use, while the 'Pro' version can be used in commercial settings.
  • What threats does SpyBot protect against?

    SpyBot Search Destroy is primarily designed to protect against spyware and adware, but it also offers protection against browser hijackers, trojan horses, keyloggers, tracking cookies and other types of malware.
  • Can SpyBot replace my main anti-virus software?

    The free version of SpyBot will not be sufficient for use as a main virus protection package, because it is instead intended to deal with Spyware, adware and additional threats. Therefore, it is best to either use a separate anti-virus package, or upgrade to the paid Spybot+AV package if you need virus protection.
  • Will SpyBot work alongside another anti-virus program?

    If you are using the free version of SpyBot, the software is intended to be used alongside more comprehensive anti-virus software and should work alongside all major programs, including Avast, AVG and Bitdefender. The anti-virus package will then protect against viruses, while SpyBot will protect against spyware and additional threats.
  • Should I back up my system before running SpyBot?

    It is recommended that users back up their system before performing a scan, in case SpyBot accidentally removes important or necessary files during its repair work. The software includes a back up option and users will be prompted to back up before performing a scan of their system.
  • Can SpyBot scan external drives?

    The application provides options to scan external drives. To do this, start a scan, then click 'Stop Scan'. Click on the drop down arrow that appears and select 'Scan With Different Options'. Then, simply use the menu to navigate and select the drive(s) that should be included within the scan.
  • How often is SpyBot updated?

    SpyBot Search Destroy is updated regularly, in order to tackle the latest spyware and adware threats. The application includes an update option, which will automatically scan for the latest version and update the spyware definitions. It is recommended that users carry out this update at least once a week for optimum performance.


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